The planning, design and entitlement of your site transforms its purpose and unlocks its potential.  Increasingly, this development process also involves integrating site attributes and constraints in a manner that minimizes impact to the development vision and maximizes land use value.  From site layout to site-civil and infrastructure design, each element requires thoughtful, cost effective and efficient management.   

We begin the concept planning stage with a site attributes/constraints and preliminary cost analysis to provide clients with an opportunity to affirm or re-evaluate the feasibility and potential success of the project, based on site-specific information. Using this information, our project teams deliver cost-efficient site designs that also incorporate entitlement and permitting requirements into the design process. 

During the planning, design and entitlement process, Enertia’s professional staff coordinate their efforts with surveyors, transportation planners, landscape architects, and owners to provide comprehensive solutions to site development issues. By addressing drainage, grading, site utility, and permitting issues in the initial stages of the design process, we proactively identify and resolve potential problems before they become critical issues.

Enertia’s in-house quality assurance/quality control program requires all design products to be rigorously reviewed by senior staff.  This step is critical to minimizing field changes during the build phase of a project, thus controlling unforeseen circumstances that may result in construction change orders and added costs.

Enertia offers civil design, project management and construction management services for the following project types:

  • Single Family Residential
  • Multi-Family Residential
  • Commercial/Retail
  • Institutional, Health Care
  • Industrial/Distribution & Employment Centers
  • Mixed-Use Development.