Solar and Wind

Enertia assists its new energy clients with preparation of engineering plans and technical reports necessary to permit and construct these significant renewable energy facilities.  Enertia has assisted numerous solar energy companies with successfully designing and permitting facilities along Colorado’s Front Range and Western Slope, in Kansas and in Massachusetts.  Enertia has also observed and inspected wind farm construction in eastern Colorado.

  • Our new energy support services include:
  • Solar facility layout
  • Site design plan preparation
  • Drainage analysis and design
  • Erosion and sediment control plan preparation
  • Construction traffic routing and associated road impact report preparation
  • Wind facility construction inspection.

Oil & Gas

Enertia assists its traditional energy clients with preparation of engineering plans, specifications and compliance documents required to establish and maintain well locations in Colorado.  In doing so, we assist our traditional energy clients accomplish the common goal of providing for the long-term development of these resources and meeting the energy needs of the American public.  

  • Our traditional energy support services include: 
  • Existing conditions survey and horizontal control plan preparation
  • Site grading, drainage and erosion control design
  • Local and State permitting document preparation
  • Oil Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plan preparation
  • Storm Water Management Plan (SWMP) preparation.